My diet and lifestyle update

downloadIt took me years to understand how fit and healthy lifestyle works. How is it that some people are in good shape and some others are trying and trying but nothing really works. What does healthy lifestyle mean to me? What way should I take? I binge watch healthy lifestyle youtubers all the time. Every day after work I would go home and instead watching TV (yes I gave up TV years ago) I watch youtubers or just movies or series I like. I would watch that and I would try many diets many training and I would not see the difference. Until recently when I started to listen to my body! I know it’s crazy all those years I would not listen when my body was talking to me by adding some extra fat in my belly area (while not binge eating) or having rashes on my hands or body. I would think that I am probably alergic to some indigrients in my food or cosmetics. Only lately I would realize that my body was giving me cluses which I wouldn’t understand. I am alergic to lactose since being in my mum’s belly so I am not to eat milk and milk products which I think is not really helthy anyways. Also my body doesn’t process carbs properly which ends up stored as fat and sugar in my blood streams. I am also having other medical conditions of which I don’t want to bore you. What is important it took me years to realize that I am not to eat those things. So trying a vegan or vegetarian diet when I was eating loads of rice, pasta and stuff was really killing me inside. I would have stomach pain all the time, I would gain weight and not feel good at all when so many people preach that diet it was not for me at all. Same with keto diet. I would love that diet. I would love how insulin doesn’t spike and how satisfied I was but the only downside was cheese and milk. I would get rashes on my skin and that would be looking very bad. I also get rashes about few week after very stressful time in my life. So for example last year my hands would be all in rashes I would go to the doc and he would have tell me that I am allergic to some cosmetics I am using and prescribe cream with steroids. When the real reason is stress. I had a very traumatic time last month when after that I would get rashes few weeks after so January. Now I know how to deal with it. I use natural cosmetics which in this condition I was using a lot of Shea butter and the rash would go away. Getting back to the diet I am living a healthy lifestyle but I am not killing myself with diets and stuff. I am on paleo diet because it simply works the best for my body. The only carbs I would have is sweet potato, pumpkin and quinoa. I eat loads of nutritious fruits (max two types a day so f.ex. Mango and dates which I am obsessed with would be one) and vegetables. I remember to also eat meat as it’s good source of protein. I have vegetarian or even vegan days as well. I didn’t resign of my my favorite things as well. I have some alcohol here and there, don’t really drink coffee anymore but if I would feel like it I would definitely have some. I try to go to the gym 5 times a week and the rest days just stay active and have at least 30 min walking a day. Also I use intermittent fasting. I don’t eat any food until 12 o’clock as it doesn’t spike insulin and it’s good for the body to have a break. I think in all this process is important to be balanced and don’t restrict yourself completely. Find healthy options of foods you used to like and you never feel deprived! Let me know what you think about this. Also you have to understand that every body is different and every body will thrive on different food as for example some people metabolize carbs easily and have problem with metabolizing meat cause they say it’s too heavy and it makes their stomach hurts. It’s important to understand that and listen to your body. Until next time! Cheers!



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