My memories from 2017

Hi my amazing friends and welcome in 2017!

Isn’t it crazy we are already one week in 2017? How was your 2016? Was it good? Did you enjoy every minute of it or you would rather forget about 2016 as soon as possible?

As for me I really enjoyed 2016. I have started year with a broken bone in foot and being cheated on money by my previous employer. I am never gonna forget it but I forgive the person who did this to me. I was basically out of college and was broke again, with a broken bone in foot. On a good side I have planned my dream holidays to Italy and even though I had a broken bone and I was basically broke I managed to go and enjoy beautiful Amalfi Coast and Rome. I planned to visit Positano, Amalfi, Ravello, Sorento, Pompei, Napoli and Rome, and of course I did it. I always do what I want. Even if the odds are not on my favor I will still do it. Why? Because I don’t want to spend my life thinking how could it be. I prefer to think how great was it to do this. Life is all about memories we make so make the most of your life!

After holidays I got my first real job in programming. I am a real programmer now and I love it to the moon and back. I am finally in a right place. I wouldn’t like to do anything else. Programming, blogging and editing pics is my favorite thing to do. I don’t need to be around people all the time. I like to be artistic and spend time dreaming and setting out my goals. So guys I have a permanent position in my company. My life is good. I am very happy. That’s basically all what happened last year.




I have even more amazing plans for 2017 but I cannot tell you what is going to happen. Just stay tuned.

Please visit my instagram. I am planning to add one pic every day consistently and one-two posts on my blog a week. Stay tuned!

Love you guys!




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